Monday, 12 February 2018

Stay With Me

              Stay With Me

"Guess its true I'm not good at a one night stand, but I still need love cause I'm just a man. "

So it's true. I'm guilty of singing along to this song although I severely question the lyrics. NO ONE is supposed to be 'good' at a one night stand. That's not natural in fact its unnatural not to mention harmful. If you do categorize yourself at being good at one night stands your soul must be severely damaged. You deserve better than that. Besides it's a quick fix for a long term problem. It truly doesn't solve anything. It's not respecting anyone. 

As for needing love because he's 'just a man'. Pffffft that is just an excuse to do whatever he pleases. It's a total cop out. HE is SO not a real man. We aren't animals. We can choose what we want to do and what we don't. Animals have no such control. If a dog is hungry and you give him a steak boom its gone. He's not going to say, " Oh its Good Friday best not eat meat." WE have a soul. WE also have self-control. WE always have choices. 

"These nights never seem to go to plan, I don't want you to leave will you hold my hand."

 Why am I not surprised these nights never seem to go as planned? How about because the best sex is not to be found with the single man or woman but with the married couple? Oh yes you don't say. Yes I say! It has been proven with studies. Yes please why don't you hold my hand but really I don't respect you enough not to use you for a one night stand. Yeah that'll go over well. How about prolong the inevitable so you are just making it worse. I think holding hands is cute in the oversexed, man crazy, relationship crazy world we have. Innocent but yet it is bonding just like hugging especially prolonged hugging. We release oxytocin when we touch other people. Skin to skin contact releases bonding chemicals. How about you BE a man and just leave since you're just making it worse. All or nothing baby.

"This ain't love, it's clear to see but darling stay with me."

I'm sorry what? Hold the phone! Back the truck up! Why am I not surprised these nights never seem to go as planned? It is something best enjoyed within healthy confines not every person who shows you attention. 

Picture this: a nice cozy fireplace (sex within marriage) OR a ravaging wild forest fire burning down acres and acres of forest (premarital sex). To settle for cheap premarital sex is like eating fast food. You're left wanting more than it can give you.  Versus a beautifully made 7 course meal with nom nom nom delicious food. It takes longer yes but YOU are WORTH IT. You are left quite satisfied. A one night stand will always leave you with wanting more. Sex is truly NOT intimacy, it is the result of intimacy YES but what you are looking for is someone to share intimate thoughts, opinions and dreams with you. This is truly satisfying yet very hard to find.  
"Why am I so emotional, no it's not a good look gain some self control. Deep down I know this never works. But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt."

We humans were made with emotions. They are neither good nor bad BUT we can be led astray. WE may have strong feelings that make absolutely no sense and we know it. We have to convince our heart that it's not going to happen (helllllo the heart DOESN'T know what it wants Selena Gomez). Otherwise we will go nuts becuase feelings go wherever they want and they can lie to us. Feelings follow actions. When someone says they don't love someone else becuase they no longer have 'fuzzy' feelings well you can sure bet that it wasn't real love to begin with. Real love requires sacrifice and giving of yourself while also maintaining your own life.YES PLEASE get some self control. 

Deep down I know this never works. Hmmmm you don't say. Gee I wonder why? Oh but you can lay with me so it does't hurt. Yeah real nice use another person for their body and so it 'doesn't hurt' that's real kind of you sir. How wonderful. A BIG no thank you to that. You're not a real stand up man. It's never too late to change though. 

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