Monday, 21 August 2017

Love, Relationships & Charity

In the past I thought to myself that if I ever met a great guy that he should pursue me immediately! Right here and now; no time to waste! Like somehow taking our time would be a 'waste'. It is actually quite desperate thinking. How backwards that is because time tells many things. It can tell you who that person is, what they are made of, how they deal with certain situations, if their actions match their words and if they really desire to grow in the Spirit or in any other area. Now if they truly desire these attributes you will be able to see that over time. Those are the things that matter. Sure its dandy to look attractive but it is much more important to develop characteristics that will last an eternity, help others and better everyone you meet.

If things don't start happening at all well then it really can't be worth your time. When the other individual is not inquiring on any level about you or to make a date to get to know you better, a very casual conversation, then there is no need to bring that to their attention, if they can't see your worth as an individual then good riddance. Now that we have that covered why would you want things to move at such a fast pace anyways? It is more likely to do harm than good. Why do we even have these inclinations if there is a God who fulfills all our needs? Well we are made to be in community and even God said it is not good for man to be alone. 

One reason we may want a romantic relationship is that society sells the lie that a relationship in itself can make you happy, fulfill all of your needs and when you make it a god it will pay you back in full. Lies, lies, lies... Every human on earth is fallible, prone to mistakes and imperfect. They can let you down. This is the same person who would be in a relationship. Being in one doesn't automatically make you better, more important or happier. We are the same person with the same temperament in a relationship and while being single. That rosy glow you may have about someone doesn't last forever and if it does there is something wrong. We aren't gods, so we shouldn't be putting anyone on a pedestal.

This whole journey of mine can be summed up in one word: charity. Whatever the soul loves, it loves for what of God is in it, the amount of God's goodness it expresses or mirrors. This is true love, since it means loving things or persons not for what we can get out of them but for what God has put into them, not for what they can do for us but for what is real in them. It means loving things or persons for what they are, and it is rooted in loving God for what he is. [Theology for Beginners by Frank Sheen, page 88] This is the kind of love I've been learning a lot through the last 3 months. 

I've grown so much in my perspective of relationships. The fact is I'm completely content with where I am in life and even if I'm not, I know someone who will give me the tools I need if I only ask for it. You need faith to accept how things are right know and to know that they are exactly as they are supposed to be. It is also understanding that there is a Big Plan and if what you want is going to happen then it will and if it doesn't then there is something better for you out there. Maybe not in this life but in the next...

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