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The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date

IMDB Summary

Single-girl anxiety causes Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) to hire a male escort Nick Mercer (Dermot Mulroney) to pose as her boyfriend at her sister's wedding. Her plan, an attempt to dupe her ex-fiancé, who dumped her a couple years prior, proves to be her undoing.

First Things First

My first impression of the main character is very awkward. I mean she physically can’t let go of a simple plane ticket to a bike messenger, very much a small thing, which may mean she can’t let go of the big stuff. Surprise! She can’t. Right after that she looks back on her previous relationship's mementos, pictures and even the ring! In doing so keeping the relationship very much alive, which proves she has no meaning of serenity. Cued by the sappy song repeatedly begging to be left breathless, I mean ugh! It is seen throughout the movie that the protagonist, Kat, has low self-esteem, can’t say no, has very poor boundaries and her self-worth is rooted in what others think. I think it goes without saying that all romance movies have very poor communication between main characters. So there you have a little picture of this protagonist. Not at all a stand up character! We are off to a great start.

My Take

Another thing is in the synopsis it says ‘single girl’. I see this a lot. Why is it that ‘girl’ is used to describe an adult woman? It is a very frequent grouping that is quite unnecessary. They are two distinct stages. This movie is not realistic in any way. Why would one man give up his escort service for one woman over the course of 3 days or so? What this movie is likely referring to is lust rather than love and yes there is a difference. Lust is superficial feelings and is always plotting how to satisfy self. Love is a choice and is seeking the better of the other person. A common theme I saw in the movie is the objectification of men by women. This is not as commonly known but is very much an issue. I will not get into specifics although it is pretty clear what is going on. A man is much more than just a body part that serves one purpose! This movie makes sleeping around look like the ‘norm’ or what we ‘should do’ as a depiction of ‘healthy’ sexual lives. What a joke! It is the fastest road to countless complications, heartache and infertility.  Kat says, “I find the idea of money for sex morally repugnant.” Later on though after the bachelorette party when she is inebriated she has no problems seducing Nick, not before she hits an ATM to get the cash for the deed. This is the start of their wonderful relationship! This is sadly a common thing. While it may seem to kick start a ‘relationship’ it really vetoes it. Alcohol is widely known to lower inhibitions so it is no surprise that this is when they decide to make a baby. This movie is basically an example of what not to do. Also it depicts how sexual history can really wreak havoc in your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Sex in Marriage?

Yes this is why there is a rule about not having premarital sex. This wasn’t just thrown out there haphazardly. There are real reasons why it is for the best, they are good reasons too. Some of them include: not getting stuck in a relationship with a total jerk, no pregnancy to worry about or diseases that would cause infertility, increasing self-worth, confidence and being your own person, to show non conformity to this world’s customs and you avoid extra emotional baggage that really isn’t necessary. I can’t make you choose this nor can I change your mind on such a serious matter. You would have to have the desire to want know what would be best for you and the initiative to go and check out all the information on this very important subject. Science actually backs this up as well! From a Focus on the Family broadcast Pulling Back the Shades it was intimated that the ones having the best sex are middle aged women who are married and active in ministry. This picture here sums it up the most eloquently. This life is temporary, it’s pleasures fleeting but heaven & God are eternal. Also that it is okay to be single in the world, we don't need someone else to be accepted into society although often that is what it feels like! You're single? Oh well you're no good to us.

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