Monday, 16 January 2017

Marry You

Catchy yet Destructive

This may be a catchy song to listen to if you are a mindless zombie! Touche. I know. The lyrics in this song are inherently evil. To insult marriage and family is to take hundreds of thousands of years of historical marriage and disintegrate all of it. As though it never happened. Marriage & family is enemy number one for people who want to see society fail; like worshippers of Satan or Aleister Crowley. No doubt families are the cornerstone of a functioning society. Do some research. Focus on the Family would surely have plenty.

So let’s delve right in shall we? “We’re looking for something dumb to do [I think I want to marry you].” Wow! So marriage is ‘dumb’? Marriage is most definitely not something to take lightly and it is absolutely not dumb. ‘I think’ I want to marry you? That is really what women would like to hear I am sure. Not being sure about one of the most important decisions you would ever make in your life is really not so hot. More like a big turn off. Yeah so, “Honey I may want to marry you…” Maybe I want to marry you. This is not exactly a common statement! Usually men propose as a question and using definite language. No ifs, ands or buts about it.  “Is it the look in your eyes, [what is it that makes me want to marry you?] who cares!]” Yeah that is even more sexy. The guy can’t even tell you why he wants to marry you! If this is the case hand that ring back and walk away until he can answer that question meaningfully. Even more outrageous he doesn’t care why he wants to marry you! At this point any ‘girl’ will do. Yes I intentionally added ‘girl’ not ‘woman’.
“No one will know, oh come on girl.” ‘No one will know.’ This is implying that it is not something you can’t share with others. It also seems he is trying to coerce her into it. Promising her that no one will know. Implying that it is a secret ceremony that is ‘bad’. Also the relationship or marriage in question should not be kept under wraps! You have met an amazing person and you want to keep it a ‘secret’? 

Have you lost your mind and gone nutty

There it is again. Girl. This is a despicable word to me in some ways because it implies that the lady in question is not an adult. That she can’t make her own decisions. While this may be true for some women; don’t paint every woman with the same brush. 

“Who cares if we are trashed [inebriated] we got a pocket full of cash we can blow [again] no one will know. Oh come on ‘girl’. Well I care.

Who in their right mind would get married while drunk off their rocker? Exactly you aren’t in your right mind. 

Surprisingly it happens especially because when you are drunk you definitely can’t make judgment calls like that. It may actually seem like a good idea at the time. Like “The Hangover”, a superb movie on what not to do with your life. ‘Oh come on girl’, I mean ew! Not a girl and not going to be bribed with your pockets full of cash. Which is exactly what it seems he is trying to do.

“Don’t say no, no, no, no [if [you’re] ready like I’m ready].” First of all Bruno is already trying to control his bride before they get married. Like whaaaat! She can say no if she wants to. It’s everybody’s right. It is highly doubtful that the woman is ‘ready like you’re ready’ Bruno. It seems that it doesn’t matter who he marries as long as he gets a shag in the end. Sadly it is only a means to an end for Bruno Mars doesn’t give a whoop who he’s hurting nor about his very light views on marriage.  “If we wake up and you wanna break up that’s cool. No, I don’t blame you. It was fun girl.” Sure a marriage really is only a one day deal! Sorry folks you were badly mislead, it is 1 day not 50 years. It was ‘fun’. Is that all the depth Mars can bring to this song? Whew, because it is way too deep and meaningful; I can’t handle it!

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