Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Real Winner

 Ever walk into a store talk with an accented sales associate lady then try to guess her country of origin, fail completely and then have that same lady turn into an ice brick of immovable bitchiness?

Yeah, tell me about it.

What is up with that? First country I went for was Russia. Nope. Immediately after I realize this one’s a doozy. Also that she was deeply offended. When I said Germany she said that their accent is rough and hers, on the other pompous hand, flows rather nicely. . .
Excuse me while I laugh my face off

Okay I’m good. Whew, it wasn’t like I was trying to guess her age or number of sexual partners (both rather taboo subjects for women). So like what gives? Haha

Wait! Do I really care? Nahhhh not really.

On one hand I should commend her (maybe) because she is not giving up information she doesn’t want to. *Applause* BUT on the other hand, I mean REALLY? That’s how you go about I can’t talk about it is to ignore my, “What country are you from?”, question entirely? Seems a bit passive aggressive to me. Then, wait it gets way better, once I stop listing all the countries it can’t be (Australia, Britain, Ireland and Scotland) I said, “Okay I give up.” Guess what she says!

No really, guess what she may have said.

Yes, really use your imagination.

Go on you’ll dominate this one.

Okay maybe not or maybe. . .

Anyhow she says, “Right so what shade of lipstick do you want?”

Do I hear a diversion? Real tactful babe. Don’t worry bout the fact that I was busting some real brain power trying to guess the stupid country never mind what language she spoke (sarcasm). I said, “Yeah its definitely not French.” Let me tell you she loved that one. Laughing, shaking her head she said something definitive. Look lady all I want to know is what country you’re from, is that so hard to answer?

Damn Scandinavians … Oh, wait it wasn’t that country either!

Okay not every foreigner is a stonewaller. I met a rather nice lady in the grocery store in the summer and she had no issues telling me where she was from. We had such a good chat oh my goodness… She was from Britain and still had her awesome accent too. Interactions like that make me have one of those break-your-face-if-you-smile-too-hard kinda smile (where you feel like an idiot but you don’t care). Walking out of that grocery store I had such a silly grin on my mug whoooo! Damn, that’s what I call a sweet deal.

Moral of the story? Don’t put up with those lukewarm, barely there human interactions that make you want to crawl into a hole and die (OK maybe not that bad) but like walking away from an interaction with Ms. I’m-not-French-&-I-won’t-tell-you-what-country-I’m-from leaves me feeling somewhat icky folks. Brush it off, that’s what I say.

Don’t settle for those boring, insipid conversations and customer service! Although I do admit they are sometimes quite unavoidable (in this case just let it roll off your back). Talk about it with someone later or do whatever your usual is for coping with mildly unpleasant things.

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